#251: “I Streamed A Stream”

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There was a time the deck was kind‬,
‪When games were soft‬ and so inviting‬.
‪There was a time they’d shove in blind‬,
‪You’d get a rush‬ and the rush was exciting‬.

‪There was a time‬, ‪then it all went wrong‬…

‪I streamed a stream in time gone by‬,
‪When hope was high‬ and cards worth spiking‬.
‪I dreamed he shoved 94 in my eye,
‪I dreamed the flop was to my liking‬.
But then I was smug and full of it,
‪Our streams were made and used and wasted‬.
‪This stream, it was a viral hit‬
‪Running 4s‬, ‪defeat I tasted. ‬

‪And I still dream I’ll win it back,
‪Playing more Mondays together‬.
‪My luck will turn, I’ll take his stack.
Victory for he who’s better.
‪I had a dream my life would be‬
‪So different from this Tilt I’m living‬.
‪So different from those rants I screamed,
‪For now Iany’s killed the dream I dreamed‬.