#178: “Circle-Jerk”

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It’s tough these days being a blog writer. It’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t discuss. If you talk about your downswing, you’re a whiny bitch. If you talk about your upswing, you’re an arrogant prick. If you talk about your recent results, you’re giving a boring accountant’s report. If you give a strong opinion on something, you might offend someone. If you make existential connections between the poker world and real life, you’re a pretentious ass. If you slag off fat has-beens, you’re… well, actually no, everybody seemed to enjoy that one.

It’s certainly true that myself and some close friends have enjoyed a bit of an uptick. There has been some success on the staking front too. There is a fine line between celebrating and rubbing it in people’s faces but there’s also a reference point back to reality if the facts don’t match the accounts given. Last night, Dara put up a new Blog about what a miserable Fitz Festival ‘The Firm’ had, with the exception of a min-cash for James Noonan. He applauded John O’Shea’s recent success on the virtual felt where he took down an IPOP and the biggest weekly PLO tourney on the same night. In the same paragraph, he also paid tribute to Marc MacDonnell’s five-figure bink on French Stars.

Hilariously, he received a tweet from someone called Bookie Bashers ‏saying:

“These blogs are a bit OTT its like a circle jerking session for members of “the firm” I love to celebrate success but jesus.”

Now as much as I like a good circle jerk (It has cost me half my net worth to suppress the photos), the tweeter clearly didn’t even read the Blog. Perhaps he’s one of those guys who doesn’t read blogs or at least says he doesn’t but then comments on them using aliases. Perhaps he’s one of those guys who used to get invited to the circle jerk but now he can no longer get it up. My guess is Dara or I could write a blog about how every other member of ‘The Firm’ was killed in a terrible car accident and this twat would tweet:

“Here he goes again, bragging about how they have a car”